Our mission is simple. We want to bring the best high-quality, authentic, and sustainably sourced Malaysian products to the rest of the world, sharing our culture with you. We bring Malaysia to your door.

Londoners Try Malaysian Food Series

Browse some of the latest videos featuring Malaysian snacks and products which are now available on our shop! 

10 Must Try Malaysian Restaurants in London 🆕

Discover the top 10 Malaysian restaurants in London, as recommended and verified by Malaysians themselves, and don’t miss out on trying their must-try dishes at each restaurant. 

Latest Feature : Gerai Classifieds 🤩

Connect with local Malaysian food businesses in the UK. Browse those making kuih, satay, rendang, and more! 🍽️ We love supporting those promoting Malaysia in the UK! 🇲🇾🇬🇧

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Malaysian Export Success Stories

We are proud to be supporting local Malaysian businesses as they make the leap from selling domestically in Malaysia to exporting to the United Kingdom. 

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